Flop around, collect stickers and climb your way to the top using only ONE BUTTON!

This is a proof of concept, if you want to see more, be sure to leave a comment or join us on Discord

Controls :

"Spacebar" / "Left mouse button" / "A" (controller)  : Flop around 

 "R" / "Select" (controller) : Reset

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tagsone-button, rage


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Feeling this. Didn't finish but only because I don't have time rn. I got up to the bridge made of two balls without too many missteps.

Well I hope you liked the game and will stay tune for what's coming next


Yeah, it rules.

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It's fun but also frustrating :) I'm giving up after falling the same hole for the fifth time. I think I would enjoy more if it was a bit more forgiving - ie making the holes go just one or two obstacles back instead of having the holes go 5 obstacles back or even back to the start.

I will add some options for a more forgiving experience but I want hardcore gamers to still have a challenging experience.


Gave it second try and made it to the end. Used mouse click instead of spacebar and the control was much easier. I guess the mouse has better response time than my shitty laptop keyboard. Nice easteregg at the finish :)


Yeah, I've put every input I could think of, from keyboard and mouse all the way to touch input and event controllers. I'm glad you gave it another try! BTW, there is an update coming up in the next hour. Mainly Qol but I've put some additional content as well!


Was making good progress then fell down a hole and sent back to the start  -- fun game :)

Hahaha hope you're having fun nonetheless


Flopped around, found out I'm not good at flopping.  Navigating the level is a lot of fun, although I found wall climbing a bit too finicky to finish it.  I wonder how the game would play if the button were tied to power rather than angle.

Like having a charge bar or something like that?


Yeah, where holding down the button gives it more power.  You'd have to test it and probably change the level design, but I feel like bouncing around at different speeds might be easier to control then waiting for the right angle.


You can already kinda control the power of your jump. A small tap will barely make you move but you are fully loaded in half a second so your window of control is really thin. Thanks for the feedback, I really want to push this game and even try to make other type of games using the same controller


Sliding through the level is super satisfying :). Would probably enjoy it more without the one button control scheme. Waiting for he arrow to align where I want it feels frustrating under time pressure.

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love this :)

Glad you do! Did you make it to the end?