A downloadable game for Windows

The Alpha is available

you can follow the development and reach to me on Facebook or Discord.



Destroy your way up!

 In a dystopian future where every seemingly flat surface have been covered in graffiti. Destroy your way to the top of city blocks and find the heaven spot where you will be able to place your indelible mark on this world!

Featuring :
-Procedurally generated and fully destructible Towers
-Quick action and powerful movements
-Slow motion for precision jumping
-Random physics hazards with various effects on the tower/player
-Slick graffiti designs all over the tower

This is an Alpha version, it doesn't represent the quality of the final game.

I hope you like where it goes and I hope to see you on Discord to gather your feedback and talk about the future of Upperz!

Come talk on Discord <---

You can follow the game on Twitter or Facebook.

Pezz can be very hungry


In Upperz, the game will combo you!!!


The mighty kick from nowhere


Coming in HOT!


The Alpha is available

you can follow the development and reach to me on Facebook or Discord.


Upperz_Alpha_v0-06.rar (19 MB)

Development log


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will this come out on steam once it is fully complete?

Yes for sure.

I have a quick question. Im so into downloadning this game, but do i have to convert it from a rar file? I dont know much about this kind of file.

It's exactly like a .zip file, you have to decompress it on the location of your choice on your computer. There is no need for installation.

I would love to try it out. Will there be a Linux Version in the future?

It should be only a matter of choosing the platform I want to export the build for, but I lack the devices to run the necessary tests :/  You are giving me an idea though, I'll ask the discord group if anyone happen to have the machine I need to try a build. I'll ask them to record, for me to see how it goes.  

I'll join the discord group, maybe I can help


I LOVE THE GAME. I JUST LOVE IT. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.  this is something never seen before. and also. ITS FIRST GAME. THAT MADE ME RAGE QUIT

XD.  anyway. great job. srsly . and i cant wait to buy and play the full release <3

Thanks, It's so cool to see you guys enjoying what I've done!

this looks different from what i first saw of this game, i was introduced through 9gag (i think), cant wait to play tho, looks good

The game is still in development, It will still change before the actual release. Let me know how you like it :D

ive been playing the alpha, and its so good

I'm glad you like it! Have you seen PezZ already?

are you able to kill PezZ

Yes, but even if you find out, I would like you not to spoil the fun for others. If you really want to know, join us on discord and send me a private message ;)

im not the best at any game so i dont think i have

Best game EVER!!!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it :DDD

Hi, game is fun, but can we have different default key for jumping? (Z, X, A, S) There's hardly any other key worse for repeating presses than SPACE. Thanks

You can bind the key in the small window that opens up before you launch the game. You have an "Input" tab where you can set the controls you want.

Oh man, I completely miss that, thanks

I just downloaded it and i think it's the best game ever! I'm looking forward to the story and multiplayer! also. How do you beat the first boss in Arcade?

Thanks again for making this game!

Will there be  a versión for macOS

it's a common request, but I'm struggling a bit with the mac portage. In the mean time, you can use wine, I'm not sure what it is, but peoples on Upperz's discord told me that you can play it on Mac that way. 


Will there be macOS version?

This ... is ... the ... best ... game ... EEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!

Thanks, it's means a lot. Stay tune for what's coming up next because it's gonna be crazy ;)

Dear, AkwardNaut

I downloaded the alpha, but i cant launch it. Is there a tutorial or maybe a program that i need?

It's possible that you need Winrar to extract the files ;)

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Ok, Thx for letting me know. I will try it.

EDIT: It works!! thx, also where is the Kickstarter page for Upperz? i only found the thunderclap page but no kickstarter.

The title explains itself :p I really enjoyed playing even though I didn't get that far up! Hopefully you enjoy this video anyways :)

Nice video! Try using the dash a bit more and don't worry, I got you for the new stuffs in the background and all, I'm planning on adding 4 new environments and at least 1 bonus stage ;) also if you download the new version, perhaps you will meet PezZ! 

I can't wait to see them backgrounds, and I will also try to dash more, I just got distracted by everything that I forgot haha and I will definitely download the newest version, don't worry, I got you :)

Mah Man!

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the game seems like it has a... different price but it is downloadable?i mean free ?

Yes it is, before that I had set the price to 9 999,99 (the max limit) to be able to give keys only to a few testers. Now the alpha is open to everyone. 

thank you

whats your discord buddy?

You have the link in the description of the game ;)

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Lol, i'ma try and hack the html and play the game :P

EDIT: i gave up

Alternatively, you can join the discord and simply ask for a key ;) This price is just a way for me to filter and reduce the number of download as I don't want that many player to experience the game in a such early stage.

I just bought it. the only problem is the price. it should be 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99

I was going for a full million bucks but 9 999,99 is the limit! :\ I'm giving keys personally on Discord, I got a lot of persons playing the game really quickly and I don't want that many people to play the alpha as it's not in a polished enough state. Soon I'll release a FREE demo where you will be able to release hell on the environment.

If possible, please make the game Mac platform aswell. 



What is this price dude I never saw that much amount of money together in life.


I moved my pool 3inches on the left but now it's kind of weird so I'm moving it back to it's original place.


So affordable, great price.


Yeah, I need to be able to give keys to the peoples who are testing the game without anyone else to be able to download it... I found this solution to be the best, I only wish I could up the price to 1 000 000$ so I could give away millions of dollars worth of keys ^^

why is it 9,999.99(no im not kiding)

It  seemed like a fair price :P  but seriously this is to avoid people downloading it while still being able to generate keys for the those who are helping me develop the game on discord.

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why dont hide the file or set limitations?

I can't hide because I still need the current testers to be able to update their version of the game. I can't set limitations because than I don't have control over who download the alpha.

I has been following your 9gag posts since long ago and it's nice see that you release a pubic alpha.

Good job, don`t give up

it wont work for me, i think it is because i have the latest update for internet exploror abecause everytime i click open the file opens internet eplorer and it has an older look to it and then closes  please help

have you tried downloading it with another program?

I will try again with a different program and if it doesn't work I will send another reply. Thank you 

Any chance of a Mac build for us dirty Apple users?


For now, the alpha only concern the PC platform, In my pipeline production, creating testing and uploading for multiple platform is too time consuming as the game need to be updated very frequently.
I'll make a Mac for the next big update in a few days, and I'll keep updating it with every major updates as you seems to be a few Apple users eager to try the game.

amazing, thank you!